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Will Mortons Bio


A lot of people tell me I look like Kenny Rogers !

Main influencesSam Kinison, Steve Martin
Other influences:  Monty Python's Flying Circus, Mad Magazine

Will Morton was born in Charleston, West Virginia, and moved to Los Angeles in 1983.

While in college, Will Morton dabbled in comedy but did not pursue it at that time.  However, he always intended to "get back to it" and in 2002 he did just that.

Will Morton took the class Stand-Up Comedy (Theater 117) at Cerritos Community College in Fall 2002 and repeated it Spring 2003.  During that time he auditioned for Dave McNary's Sunday night comedy show at The Ice House - Annex in Pasadena, and was asked to perform in January 2003.  He has since returned many times to perform at The Ice House - Annex.

In May 2003 Will Morton began the Million Laughs Comedy Troupe, organizing monthly shows in the Hope Village Theater at the City of Hope National Medical Center in Duarte.  The show frequency was increased to twice a month in 2004.  Then in March 2005, after two years of continuous comedy shows, the Hope Village Theater was closed and the Million Laughs comedy shows at the City of Hope were discontinued.

However, Million Laughs was far from over!  Will Morton went on to organize other community service type shows under the name Million Laughs comedy shows at many other venues (Hospitals, Senior Centers, Rehab Facilities, and similar venues) often three or four shows per month!  During a show at Rancho Los Amigos National Rehabilitation Center in Downey, the Whittier Daily News carried an article about Million Laughs written by staff writer David Rogers entitled "Laughter really is the best medicine."  (Click here to see the entire article.)

In addition to Million Laughs comedy shows, Will Morton performs stand-up comedy all over the Los Angeles area, including:

as well as hosting frequently at:

Will Morton participated in a Comedy Workshop at the Berubian Second Stage Theater in Anaheim from 2003-2005.
In 2006 he took Bobbie Oliver's Comedy Workshop at The Ice House in Pasadena.
In 2010-2011 he took Bill Word's Comedy Workshop in Lake Forest.