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Fred Warren
ResAliens Press says
in his review of
“Zero Gravity”:

Will Morton’s “Glacier Castle” takes us to a world of eternal ice and snow--and one woman’s obsessive plan to save a doomed colony. In a story reminiscent of Moby Dick, Morton explores the fine line between genius and madness and the human drive to survive despite impossible odds.
A good read.


Shane W. Smith, editor

Not Yet Available

All the King’s Men

Science Fiction Story: “The Molly Armband”

All The King’s Men is an epic science fiction anthology edited by Shane W Smith, the author of The Lesser Evil, Peaceful Tomorrows, The Game, James Flamestar, and Undad.

All The King’s Men takes a look at the lives of those on the periphery, ordinary people struggling to make sense of their lives and dreams in a galaxy torn apart by civil war.

Each of them is fleeing something different, but they've all come to the same place. When their ship is marooned in deep space, they pass the time by sharing stories. Things that have happened to them, events they've witnessed, rumours they've heard...

Prose Prose

Third Flatiron Anthologies proudly presents “Ain’t Superstitious,” a double issue packed with 26 stories of the weird, wild, and magical.

Juliana Rew, editor

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ISBN: 9781311120458

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Trade Paperback
ISBN-10: 0692505210
ISBN-13: 978-0692505212
ISBN-13: 2940152058758

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Lost Worlds, Retraced

Science Fiction Story: “The Candlestick

Let your imagination run away with you for a change!

Since the Age of Enlightenment, it’s become the norm to reject belief in miracles, revelation, magic, or the supernatural. But it’s only human to feel that delicious frisson of fear when things get a little strange.

Table of Contents:
Coffee Lake by Spencer Carvalho
Confrontation on the Big One Three by Maureen Bowden
The Plague Well by Dennis Mombauer
Across the Styx of Norway by Jacob M. Lambert
The Necromancer by John Hegenberger
Pandora’s Pinata by E. E. King
A Day to End All Days by James Aquilone
Upon a Pale Horse by Bruce Golden
Wind Chimes by Sean O’Dea
James and the Prince of Darkness by Kevin Lauderdale
Spellcasting by Gerri Leen
What Is Sacred to Dogs by A. P. Sessler
The Apple Falls Upward by Andrew Kozma
Sam, Sam, and the Demoness by K. T. Katzmann
Ambrose’s Eight-plus-Oneth by Judith Field
The Annual Scarecrow Festival by John Paul Davies
Nine Ways to Communicate with the Living by Sarina Dorie
Schrodinger’s Schrodinger by Benjamin Jacobson
A Little Mischief by Ken Altabef
Gualicho Days by Gustavo Bondoni
Wolf Call by Adele Gardner
The Candlestick by Will Morton
Dead Men’s Drinks by Christina Bates
Pantomimus by Lyn Godfrey
O Shades, My Woe by Eric J. Guignard

Loscon 40 Chapbook

Tim Cassidy-Curtis, editor

Quantum Visions Two

Fantasy Story:“The Department Store Manager and the Christmas Elf”

Prose Prose

Third Flatiron presents "Lost Worlds, Retraced," with over a dozen new SF/Fantasy/Horror short stories about lost worlds and parallel universes. If Discovery Channel shows like "Ancient Aliens" or "Man vs. Wild" are among your guilty pleasures, this could be the anthology for you.

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Available soon from most ebook distributers, including Sony and iTunes!

Juliana Rew, editor
ISBN: 9781301181490

Lost Worlds, Retraced

Science Fiction Story: “Parallel Universe

Ever wonder what became of those fantastic worlds described by A. Conan Doyle and Edgar Rice Burroughs? Third Flatiron Publishing presents "Lost Worlds, Retraced," a spate of new speculative fiction short stories by an international group of award-winning and emerging writers.

These storytellers retrace the lost paths of an ancient sun-worshipping civilization, a doomed planet, a tribe of persecuted witches and robots, a cartoon world stalked by death, and an abrupt end to fossil fuel use. Meet a spy at the end of the universe, a Sons of Chaos motorcycle chick, a TV survival show host, and, of course, that icy rock we once knew as the planet Pluto.

Table of Contents:
The Sun Greeter by Marilyn K. Martin
Gods & Emperors by Jonathan Shipley
The Grim by Konstantine Paradias
Parallelobirds by Soham Saha
Jango Rides Again by Maureen Bowden
The Story of How Akamu and Elikapeka Created the City Under the Ice by DeAnna Knippling
Lindow Five by Judith Field
Schrodinger's Soldier by Ron Collins
Breach of Contract by Andrew Kozma
Not Alone by Sarah Hodgetts
Ninth From the Sun by Bruce Golden
Parallel Universe by Will Morton
The Real Story by Neil Davies

Loscon 39 Chapbook

Jude-Marie Green, editor
ISBN-10: 1937053008
ISBN-13: 978-1937053000

Quantum Visions

Fantasy Story: “Honey from Rube Engill’s Apiary

The Writers’ Orbit, as we affectionately call our group, is a fluctuating membership of talented writers. Shauna Roberts attended Clarion in 2009 and then published her first novel (a second novel is coming in 2013.) Will Morton has published many short stories and is a stand-up comedian. Camden Parish, a soft-spoken man, finished writing his cozy mystery while in our group. Chrome Oxide regales us with tales of the surf and punk music scene. Robin Walton shares his home for the meetings; thank you, Robin! David R. Moore is a brilliant scientist as well as good critique-giver, a rare talent. Timothy Cassidy-Curtis, a retired military man, rocks the military science fiction genre. We lost our Jim Young in June 2012 just as he was finalizing the sale of a trilogy, a far-future multidimensional trek through folded space.

I am proud to call these talented people “my friends.” I am confident you’ll enjoy their stories.

Jude-Marie Green, editor

Table of Contents:
Spamhead by Jim Young
Again, The Last Step by Robin Walton
Event by Camden Parish
Farewell To The Master by Chrome Oxide
Colorado River Redeemed by Timothy Cassidy-Curtis
Naked Prey by David R. Moore
Honey From Rube Engill’s Apiary by Will Morton
Moonlight, Reflected in Dewdrops by Shauna Roberts

Prose Prose








Bill Tucker, Editor
Library of the Living Dead

Zombies Without Borders

Horror Story: “Black Pudding”

Table of Contents:
Victus Mortuus by Patrick D’Orazio
Cry In The Night by Gregory L. Norris
The Last Days Of Humberto Guerra by Caleb Jordan Schulz
Conscientious Objector by Rob Rosen
The Last Full Moon by Nick Slosser
My Kingdom by Carl Alves
Deep Within Lay Humanity by Alex J. Kane
Mictecacihuatl by Cecilia Elizabeth Gonzalez-Vokey
Gladiator David by Kenneth W. Cain
As The Worm Turns by Douglas Hutcheson
The Monsters Of Prague by Jennifer Povey
Balancing The Books by Don D’Ammassa
The Rite And The Ritual by Eric Grawe
Black Pudding by Will Morton

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The con's not the real reason we're here--that's just the cover story.

Kate Kaynak & Trisha Wooldridge, Editors
Spencer Hill Press

ISBN-10: 1937053008
ISBN-13: 978-1937053000


Fantasy Story:
What We Found in Our Room

It's about to get weird...okay, weirder in here. Alien ascensions in hotel ballrooms. Mermaids on cruise ships. Werewolves in dog shows. Steampunk fairy time travelers. A teenage superhero hitching a ride with a supervillain. Comic books that absorb their readers. Magical filk... and much more.

With stories by: LJ Berger, Vikki Ciaffone, Daniel Cohen, Gordon Dupuis, Anthony G. Francis, Jr., Justine Graykin, Randy O. Green, Melina Gunnett, Kate Kaynak, Danielle M. LeFevre, Kimberley Long-Ewing, Lauren Marrero, Will Morton, Linda Murphy, Ira Nayman, KT Pinto, Jennifer Allis Provost, Patricia Puckett, Keshia Swaim, Sherry Thompson, Pamela van Hylckama Vlieg, and Trisha Wooldridge.

Prose Prose

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This is a charity anthology where net proceeds go to Scripps Institution of Oceanography.

Shells Walter, Editor
Sonar 4 Publications

For the Oceans

Science Fiction Story: “The Rapture of the Deep”

Table of Contents:
Introduction poem by Isabelle Newbill
Introduction by Philip R. Rogers (cover artist)
Ripple Effect by Doug Danielson
Emergence of Emissary by Stephen Soliz
Rapture of the Deep by Will Morton
Blood, Bait, and Boys on a Boat by Franki Schafrik
No Trespassing by Aspen Delainey
The Amazing Carlos by James R. Silvestri
David Rorshach's Dream Comes True by Gerry Huntman
The Broken Seashell by E.M. MacCallum
That Which Should Not Be by Jason Barney
Beyond the Strandline by Mary Akers
Luigi's Song by Jude-Marie Green
Voice of the Deep by Daniel Braum

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Monsters run rampant in this fun and exciting tribute to the creatures, ghouls and beasts that haunt our nightmares and frighten our imaginations.

Jessy Marie Roberts, Editor
Pill Hill Press

ISBN 13: 978-1617060021

Monster Mash

Horror Story:
The Witch’s Daughter-in-Law

Includes the following 15 short stories: Dead in the Woods by Eric S Brown, Henderson Hell Machine by Sean Graham, The Fort by Linda L Donahue, Bonds of Blood by Darin Kennedy, Her Majesty by Miguel Lopez de Leon, The Witch’s Daughter-in-Law by Will Morton, Snake Oil by AD Spencer, Things Unseen by Thomas Strømsholt, Evil Mountain by Rebecca Besser, Zombies vs Mummies by Anthony Giangregorio, Night of the Monster Mutiny by Scott Harper, The Brackish Diamond...by Christopher Heath, Sending Her On by Peacho Rockington, Deadside Story by Gregory L Norris & Seventh Son by Kate Spofford.

Prose Prose

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42 specter-tacular short stories about haunted places.

Jessy Marie Roberts, Editor
Pill Hill Press

ISBN 13: 978-1617060212

Haunted (An Anthology)

Horror Story: “The Ghost at the Beach”

Indulge in this collection of supernatural tales written by the following talented authors:  David Tallerman, Miguel Lopez de Leon, Matt Carter, Kelli Wilkins, Martin T. Ingham, Emma Kathryn, Mark Taylor, Gerald Costlow, Stephanie L. Morrell, Jack Horne, Sylvia Spruck Wrigley, Jason Barney, Rob Rosen, Jonathan Sweet, Tony Schaab, Jennifer Chambers, Kristi Petersen Schoonover, Karin Becht, Ellie Garratt, Christine E. Shulze, George Wilhite, Mark Souza, Scott Taylor, Shane McKenzie, Ben Langhinrichs, Matt Nord, Chris Allinotte, William Wood, Benjamin Rogers, Shawn Cook, John McCuaig, Val Muller, Andrew Flynn, Brandon Blackburn, Miles Boothe, Debbie Phillips Smith, Will Morton, John Pennington, Ruth Imeson, Travis K. Weltman, Marianne Halbert & Rich Matrunick.

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This short story collection features thirteen fantastic adventures set in the cold vacuum of space.

Alva J. Roberts, Editor
Pill Hill Press
ISBN-13: 978-1617060007

Zero Gravity:
Adventures in Deep Space

Alva J. Roberts, Editor
Pill Hill Press

Science Fiction Story: “Glacier Castle”

Read about rogues, scoundrels, aliens, robots, heroes, junkers and priests as you explore the rich and creative diversity of the following stories:
Junker's Fancy By Rosemary Jones, Leech Run By Scott W. Baker, A Space Romance By Paul A. Freeman, Hawking's Caution By Mark Rivett, Parhelion By David Schembri, To Stand Among Kings By Kenneth Mark Hoover, The Unicorn Tree By Alethea Kontis, The Beacon of Hope By Gregory L Norris, Tangwen's Last Heist By C.B. Calsing, The Stand-Ins By Gef Fox, Glacier Castle By Will Morton, Rescue By Margaret Karmazin, At One Stride Comes the Dark By Murray Leeder.

Prose Prose

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Jessy Marie Roberts & Alva J. Roberts, Editors
Pill Hill Press

ISBN-13: 978-1617060090

Quest for Atlantis:
Legends of a Lost Continent

Science Fiction Story: “Undine”

Authors featured in this anthology include: Alfred D. Byrd, John M. Whalen, Matthew S. Dent, Steven R. Southard, Anthony Giangregorio, Jason Barney, Rebecca J. Vickery, Will Morton, Lori Gordon and JW Schnarr.

The story of Atlantis began in 360 B.C. when the Greek Philosopher, Plato, first penned the tale in Timaeus and Critias. Today, ten authors continue the legend with brand new short stories inspired by the fabled lost continent. Within these pages, you’ll travel west of the Pillars of Hercules and visit the advanced nation established by Poseidon, the God of the Sea. But read fast it could all be over in one day and one night!

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A thrilling anthology of twenty-five short stories inspired by the themes of The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse:  Conquest, War, Famine and Death.

Jessy Marie Roberts, Editor
Pill Hill Press

ISBN-10: 0984261044
ISBN-13: 978-0984261031 (Softcover)
ISBN-13: 978-0984261048 (Hardcover)

The Four Horsemen:
An Anthology of
Conquest, War, Famine & Death

Science Fiction Story: “The Battlefield”

...He that sat on him was called Death, and Hades followed with him. And power was given to them over a fourth of the earth, and that they should kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth... —Revelation 6:8

Authors in this volume include: Camille Alexa, Jason Toupence, Scott M. Sandridge, Megan R. Engelhardt, Alethea Kontis, Matthew Dent, Carla Joinson, Jessy Marie Roberts, Jonathan Shipley, Will Morton, Bill Ward, Christopher Heath, Alva J. Roberts, Jamie Eyberg, Laura Eno, Kat Heckenbach, Kelli A. Wilkins, AR Norris, John H. Dromey, Scott Taylor, Jacob Henry Orloff, Marie Croke, Marshall Payne, L.E. Erickson & Nye Joell Hardy.






Loscon 41 Chapbook

Jude-Marie Green, editor


Quantum Visions Three

“Two Evil Sonnets”

Poetry Poetry

Abandoned Towers Magazine

Five Superhero-Themed “Higgledy Piggledy” Type Poems

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Crystalwizard and Lyn Perry, Editors
Residential Aliens, Publisher

ISBN 13: 978-1617060212

A Fistful of Hollers
Silly Western Anthology)

Western-themed limericks

Authors featured in this anthology include:  Dal Jeanis, Paul Wittine, Gary R. Hoffman, Gary Every, Laura Finlay, Christine Rains, Will Morton, Beth Lynn Clegg, John Weagly, Whitt Pond, Timothy A. Sayell, Linda Booth, Earl Staggs, J H Hobson, Kaysee Renee Robichaud, John Smith, Alex Moisi, Rob Mancebo, Lyn McConchie, P. Wellingham-Jones, Matthew Baugh, K.C. Ball, Jim Cardwell, Aaron A. Polson, Steve Doyle, Adrienne Lockhart, Michelle Homan, Magnolia Belle, Sarah Ashwood, Melanie Pearce, H. Earl Wilkinson, Aurelio Rico Lopez III, Danny Birt, Jax, Lindsey N. Williams, Perry P. Perkins, Sarah Wilson, Colin P. Davies.

Other Work:

In the past I have contributed to various ‘zines, including Nova SciFi and Gateway S-F.

I contribute plays for the annual Santa Ana Historical Preservation Society Fairhaven Tour: